MOSH Australia

Minimising the impact of suicide through support, information and awareness

Welcome to MOSH

MOSH is committed to reducing the devastating effects of suicide on our community. But MOSH isn’t just about suicide prevention.

We believe that early intervention is the key. If you or someone you know is sad, lonely, depressed, and anxious or you sense that something is ‘not quite right’ help is available and it’s completely free

Come to MOSH to talk to one of our active listeners. Talk to someone without judgement. Talk to someone who cares.

Come to MOSH and join in one of our activities; do some craft, read a book, have a cuppa, sit in the garden, complete a few pieces on the community jigsaw puzzle or bring something from home to do.

Come to MOSH to join in a workshop or attend training

Our doors are open six days a week to help you or someone you know who is finding life a bit tough or where they just need a bit of extra support. Drop in - no appointment necessary or give us a call.

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